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How to reserve?

Make reservation

Please proceed following the booking instructions to make a reservation:

  • Select the dates and occupancy
  • Verify the full rental amount and the details of the apartment which appeals you most out of the ones at your disposal
  • Book Online!

Once the payment of the corresponding amount is confirmed you will receive an email securing your reservation.

In case the booking Is not allowed for the apartment, we will receive your request by email and answer to it within 48 hours

You can also contact us either by mail or by phone

Cancellation conditions

Under no circustances will the amount paid for the reservation be refunded. In case of being able to cancel within the guidelines below, the amount previously paid for the reservation could be used to make a further booking:

  • For the reservation cancelled with more than 15 days notice, the full amount would be made available.
  • For reservations cancelled with more than 7 days notice but with 15 days or less, 50% of the amount paid would be made available.
  • For reservations cancelled within 7 days or less, the client would loose the entire amount paid for the booking.