Embrace Autumn in Madrid with our recommendations
Publicado el October 24, 2019

Gallery rastro madrid

Autumn changes cities and parks all around the world, it brings out colors and contrasts that are different and unique in each place. Madrid has the virtue of being blessed with weather all year round and that of course includes the months of October and November where you can enjoy many activities and find yourself immersed in unforgettable experiences while not being worried of extreme cold or too much rain.

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Madrid themed bars and restaurants
Publicado el August 28, 2019

Gallery sala equis

Whenever we go to a place to eat or drink something we do it mainly for food or drink, and it is true that it is usually the most important, but obviously there are always other factors such as price, location, how fashionable the site is , etc.

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5 reasons to spend Summer in Madrid
Publicado el July 10, 2019

Gallery 3

With each passing year, Madrid becomes more and more attractive for summer tourists and that’s thanks to the love and care that is put into organizing plans, festivals and activities around the city for people to enjoy. You can find concerts, fashion, art, science and even water parks once you read about it.

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