A weekend in MADRID

FRIDAY: The starting point of the journey begins in the Plaza de Oriente at the 17:00 hours, surrounded by gardens we arrived at the Theatre Royal (the Opera House of Madrid and is considered one of the most important in Spain and Europe) I will be leaving behind us until we find the Royal Palace (the official residence of the King of Spain, mainly used for State ceremonies, Since the current Kings does not inhabit it, but in the Palacio de la Zarzuela). On the right we can see the gardens of Sabatini and left the Cathedral de la Almudena (where we recommend you to visit the crypt and Church).

To the 19:00 hours will begin to travel the Bailén Street to cross main street, If we got it we find with the Plaza de la Villa (one of the best preserved monuments of Spain) and the Mercado de San Miguel, where can you enjoy an exquisite tapas. Upon leaving we find with the Plaza Mayor a jewel of Madrid architecture. Is it just a few minutes Puerta del Sol (one of the entrances of the wall that surrounded Madrid in the 15th century and the name comes from a Sun that had at the door). The next stop is the Chamber of Deputies, guarded by two stone lions. To the 21:00 hours walk through the Meadow Street until you reach the Plaza de Santa Ana, where to dine can enjoy different places for tapas, We recommend the dry cleaning. At the end of the dinner, go into the street Huertas one of the places of nightlife in Madrid. Dozens of bars open their doors with good music.

SATURDAY:Our morning starts at the 9:00h walk by the Paseo del Arte, where are 3 of the most famous museums in the world. The Museo del Prado, the Thyssen-Bornemisza and the Reina Sofia Museum. After visiting one of the museums, to the 12:00h walk towards the Plaza de la Cibeles (place where celebrates Real Madrid along with their goddess titles). We will go up the street to meet with the Puerta de Alcalá in the independence square and opposite the Parque del Retiro, a place to walk around and breathe fresh air. To the 14:00 hours is the time in which our stomach ask us to go to the District of las Letras to enjoy some delicious Madrid. After lunch on the 15:00h we will go to the area north of Madrid, to the The Castilian walk. Where can visit the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium (Real Madrid sports arena).

To the 17:00hours begins the turn of purchases. You can go to downtown to buy some souvenirs or pamper yourself in the Golden Mile, shops in the neighborhood of Salamanca. If you prefer a shopping centre close to Príncipe Pío then continue the walk. After this break from shopping direct your steps to the Plaza of Spain and walk up to the Templo de Debod(Egyptian construction in a privileged location overlooking the skyline of Madrid).

To the 20:00hours will return to the Gran Via to enjoy one of the many musicals that they invade this busy street. After the show enjoys the area for a good dinner and a drink to round off the day.

SUNDAY: To start the day at the 9:00hours it is best to try the chocolate with churros in San Ginés. A Sunday in Madrid is not the same without a visit to the Trace (an outdoor market, originally from second-hand objects). We will continue walking by the The Latin quarter where at noon we can enjoy this usual area of tapas. It is also worthwhile to visit close to La Latina is worth visiting the Vistillas gardens where to watch Madrid or rest awhile lying on the lawn. If we can take advantage of the Sunday evening, Mad4Rent recommends you to visit one of the essential, Aranjuez. A world heritage city and it boasts one of the most beautiful Royal palaces in Madrid. Don't miss the porcelain Cabinet or the Hall of mirrors in the Palace, and it saves some minutes to walk through the gardens, surrounded by the Tagus River, decorated with sources from the 16th and 17TH centuries.

We hope that you have enjoyed this wonderful city.